Good Things That Are Still Happening

For most of us, the world feels pretty terrible right now, especially if we watch the news, which tends to focus on bad headlines like death rates, panic buying and lockdown. But amongst the negative, there are some pretty great things happening right now.  


Here are some recent good news stories that you may have missed:  

  1. China has shut all 16 of its temporary hospitals in Wuhan, there aren’t enough new cases to need them  - Read the full story
  2. James Dyson has invented a ventilator (in just 10 days) to help treat COVID-19 patients and will be donating 5000 ventilators to the international effort to treat the virus  - Read the full story
  3. ‘Adopt a healthcare worker’ Facebook pages are popping up to connect healthcare workers with individuals and businesses that want to help them - Read the full story
  4. Air pollution levels are going down all over the world as people spend more time at home  - Read the full story
  5. A number of Australian distilleries have switched from producing alcohol to hand sanitiser to cope with new demand  - Read the full story
  6. A generous man in Melbourne withdrew $10,000 in cash and handed it to people who had lost jobs waiting outside a Centrelink office in Melbourne - Read the full story 
  7. More foster pets are being adopted – one shelter in America has emptied its cages twice this week  - Read the full story
  8. A couple in the UK have donated their wedding catering to over 400 healthcare workers  - Read the full story
  9. The head of Italy’s national institute of health says the country has hit the "plateau" in its coronavirus infection rate, after three weeks of national lockdown, and should start to see a decline in new cases - Read the full story
  10. More than 150,000 people have recovered from Coronavirus around the world, including over 90 percent of China's infected - Read the full story

The news is a great way to find out important information, but if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by all the negative stories it’s important to curb your intake. Remind yourself that there are good things happening all around you too!