RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) provides a convenient way for you to receive content “feeds” from a variety of sources, including the latest news headlines from and our network of sites.

In order to subscribe to feeds, you need to download news reader software or use a Web-based news reader. This allows you to access all your feeds in one convenient location.

We provide feeds under the following categories and are adding new feeds on a regular basis.

These RSS feeds are for personal use only and can only be used by news reader applications. You may not publish headlines or the content from our RSS feeds to a web page or otherwise. By using our RSS feeds, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

What content is provided?

RSS-enabled sites provide RSS feeds that list article headlines, summaries and links back to the full article on Typically the summary is approximately 100 to 200 characters in length providing an overview of the story allowing users to select the stories that most interest them.

How often is the content updated?

Content provided in RSS feeds is updated continuously. The moment we publish a story across our sites it will appear immediately on the RSS feed.

How often should I check for updates to my subscribed feeds?

It is recommended to set the updates to every five minutes.

Can I use this content on my website or app?

No. RSS feeds are for personal use only.

Recent News

26 Aug 2020

Health Solutions Group Australia is proud to support RCSA Australia and New Zealand’s new campaign ‘Working Sooner’, recognising the vital work our industry does in connecting people with work and the critical role we play in getting Australian’s back to work sooner as our economy recovers from the COVID-19 crisis.