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It’s uncertain times, so to support you we’ve created a dedicated Wellbeing Hub filled with useful advice, including articles written especially for you by our very own wellbeing guru, Amy Brown! We’ve also scoured the internet to find you the best life hacks and tips, in this new era of social distancing and self-isolation.

Top up your Wellbeing Bucket with our 2 week Wellbeing Challenge!

The current state of the world has meant that many parts of our lives have become harder and we might end up asking ourselves how we're supposed to cope with all the extra strain! The answer is by topping up our wellbeing bucket and right now is the perfect time to set yourself a new wellbeing goal.

Marvellous Mexican Meals

A good DIY Mexican encourages us to eat well and there is rarely a week that a Mexican-style dish does not grace our meal plan.

Immune boosting foods

Vitamins are flying off the supermarket shelves, and online searches for immune boosting foods have surged around the globe. These elements alone will not magically protect you, yet, collectively they will support your immune system.

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Selected from around the web

Printable kids chore chart

A fun and colourful way to keep the little ones organised and “on task” when it comes to household chores.

Journal prompts for kids

These journaling prompts can be a great way for both younger and older kids to dream and reflect. However, the benefits can also be gained through visual journaling or drawing.

Beat the boredom

Tested advice straight from iso! These 12 activities will make lock-down anything but boring!


4 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Our very own Wellbeing Guru Amy Brown, takes us through 4 simple ways in which you can improve your sleep and make sure you wake up feeling  refreshed and energised!

Our contributors:

Wellness guru and writer Amy Brown

Wellbeing guru: Amy Brown

Amy has always wanted to work in a career that makes others’ lives better, which is why she did a psychology degree. As a big fan of positive psychology and a self-confessed research nerd, Amy loves learning new ways we can improve our lives and sharing them through blog articles, webinars, workshops and more!

Nutritionist Naomi

Qualified Nutritionist & Registered Nurse: Naomi Blines

Helping people is Naomi’s thing, which is what drew her to nursing. Over the years she learnt that food is more than just fuel for our bodies; it’s the centrepiece for community, it’s medicinal, it can be simple, healthy and delicious. Wanting to share this discovery, she completed a Medical Science (Nutrition) degree. Naomi knows how busy this thing called life is and loves to share tips and tricks that make eating (& living) well, easy and enjoyable.

Share your advice and tips!

We want to hear from you — the members of our healthcare community.  What are some things that have helped you get through this? Please share your tips and advice. We're all in this together!

Don't go it alone. Seeking help doesn't mean that you're weak, it shows that you have the strength to face challenges


If you’re noticing negative feelings like stress, fear, anxiety or hopelessness, that’s okay and a natural reaction to a situation where we don't have control. 

We have gathered some great online and telephone based resources where you can find more information and get counselling.

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