Life in Melbourne


When I first arrived in Melbourne I was overcome with a sense of familiarity even though I had never been there before. Prior to moving to Melbourne, my partner and I lived in NSW and had spent 7 months living in Sydney, before completing 4 months working on a dairy farm in western NSW. Although we had an amazing time living in both these places, had wonderful experiences and made so many friends, we didn’t even know that something was missing until we came to find it in Melbourne. Our first visit to Melbourne was the day we moved there and we fell in love with the easy-going atmosphere that the city seemed to be built upon. Melbourne is a city that has so much to offer and has been our home for a little over a year now. So, let me take you through all the reasons I love this beautiful city.

Something that was a great surprise to me when I first moved to Melbourne was the abundance of greenery that is intertwined in the bustling city streets. Walking among the tall buildings of the CBD, you are not far from the beautiful Botanical Gardens near the Yarra River Trail, or one of the many parks that are nestled in the city. In Melbourne, you will never be stuck for the perfect summer barbecue venue, you could even venture to a new one each week. And not to forget the beautiful beaches of Victoria! Brighton beach, famous for its colourful beach boxes, St Kilda beach and its penguins, or take a little road trip to the picturesque Sorento beach near Mornington Peninsula, you are spoiled for choice!


If it’s a road trip that takes your fancy, Melbourne is the perfect starting point for many great road trips. This of course includes The Great Ocean Road. This 243km stretch of road has a long-standing reputation for its beautiful scenery, hidden waterfalls and glorious beaches and so much more. You could take this journey as many times as you like and still manage to find different things to see along the way, it truly is the ultimate road trip. Of course, there are many more road trips accessible to you from Melbourne. Head to the Grampians or Wilsons Prom for a hike and enjoy the views, or if history is your thing, head to the town of Beechworth for a complete “time warp” experience.

I once heard someone say “If you are walking down a main street in Melbourne, you’re doing it wrong”. This couldn’t be more true for someone who loves to go off the beaten track. Melbourne city is truly unique! The city is full of quirky side streets possessing vibrant murals and graffiti that are ever changing and developing. Hozier lane, AC/DC lane and Union lane are just few of the off-center streets you will stumble across, but I'll let you find the rest for yourself. You will certainly not be bored with so much of the secret city to explore.


Among both the main and alternative streets of Melbourne you will be enthralled by the city’s gorgeous cafés, where you can sit and enjoy a coffee whether it be in the buzz of the CBD or overlooking the Yarra River. Among the cafés are an abundance of restaurants and bars that offer food from countries and cultures around the world and atmospheres to suit any taste. You will undoubtably find a hangout in a city that boasts such diversity.

Shopaholics, beware! Melbourne is a shopper’s dream in so many ways. Chapel Street (along with many restaurants and bars) is host to various branded and boutique stores. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more alternative, head to Fitzroy and spend the day browsing the many thrift shops in this enchanting suburb. And on a rainy day in Melbourne, you might as well head to the largest shopping centre in Australia, Chadstone Shopping Centre, where you can shop, eat, see a movie or even visit Legoland!
Even with everything I have mentioned, there are still so many other reasons I love this incredible city. I have felt so welcomed by the people of Melbourne and living here is truly a joy. No matter where I go, Melbourne will always have a piece of my heart.