Feeling Disconnected? - 5 Ways Technology Can Help You Connect

It’s a tricky time for many of us with isolation restricting us from seeing our friends, family and from going out in the community, but don’t worry thanks to the internet there are plenty of solutions so we can all stay connected!
  • 1. Zoom
    A great way to video call with friends for free, you can have up to 1000 people (woah) join in with video, so no one has to miss out! Why not have a trivia night or some virtual after work drinks?

  • 2. Netflix Party
    You can still watch shows together even if you’re isolated away from your friends! All you need to do is jump on a computer and download the extension Netflix Party for Google Chrome. Then you can watch the same shows at the same time and chat using the group chat on the screen. Cue the long distance movie night!

  • 3. ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ on Facebook
    Why not join a Facebook Group that displays all the kind acts that people are doing during COVID-19. Seeing all the good people are doing is a nice reminder that we are all in this together and there are still a lot of positive things going on.

  • 4. Houseparty
    Houseparty is an app where you can video chat with friends and play games together. You get a notification when your friends are online and available to video chat.

  • 5. Multiplayer games
    Just because you’re apart from friends and family doesn’t mean you cant still play some classic games! There are so many apps available that let you play against other people, some great options are the Monopoly app, Uno app and Words With Friends. Why not start up a game!?